What stove to use

The decision which stove to choose depends on your taste, the conditions you are going to make and your financial situation.


Gas stove is probably the most common variant. Its advantages include performance and maneuverability. Plus, you’ll set it on fire at any height. You must be careful in cold weather, when it is necessary to keep the bomb in relative heat in order to perform the power of the cooker. The disadvantage is the price of gas cartridges. Because they cannot be transported by plane, you may encounter a problem finding them abroad. But on the internet you usually find out where to buy them.

When used wisely, a large gas bomb for two people can last up to 10 days. This includes regular dinners, several breakfasts and tea here and there. Of course, if you need to melt snow or make tea or coffee often, gas consumption increases.

At temperatures below zero, it pays to place the bomb, for example, in the lid of an ashtray and fill it with water. Butane (most of the mixture) no longer burns from a certain temperature, which quickly reduces the efficiency of the tank. Water can keep the temperature of the bomb above zero, but it sometimes needs to be replaced to freeze. In general, however, there will be a problem with performance in the cold.


Gas stoves are a choice of security when it comes to fuel. If you buy a universal one that burns alcohol and other flammables in addition to gasoline, you probably won’t encounter a problem refilling them. The efficiency is excellent, it is worse with handling (with conventional models it is almost impossible). According to available information, it burns poorly at altitudes above 5,000 m, but is not bothered by frost. Unfortunately, a good gas stove is not a cheap affair. Of these options, you will most often encounter a fault due to its more complex design.


I will try alcohol stoves for the first time this year, so you will soon find out how I worked with them. The advantage is the weight (in the order of grams for domestic production, tens of grams of more durable branded) and easy availability of fuel. Unfortunately, they cannot be regulated and are difficult to extinguish before the fuel burns out. Compared to gas or petrol stoves, cooking will take longer. An article about alcohol stoves and how to make them at I be later writting.


Wherever I can, I try to cook on the fire. Just two larger stones as an oven and you have the cheapest and most efficient stove. Unfortunately, you cannot cut wood from certain heights, and in some countries it is strictly forbidden to start a fire due to the risk of fire. Always consider ash and smoke after your dinner.

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