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Good food: Classic homemade recipes

When we are outside in nature and we travel to discover the beauties of nature around us and build a camp, we gain the taste and need to eat well and especially eat healthy. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and various snacks are the basis of our comfort and health.

Here at Michael Deec, when the weather got worse, we said we would recommend something really good to eat and give you a recipe.


For great strength and a lot of energy, it is important to be insecure not only with carbohydrates, after which you will starve for two hours, but you also need to add something extra. So take a couple of chicken eggs and prepare a scrambled egg breakfast with toast. You will see how much energy you will have for the whole morning walk.


You can prepare chicken for lunch. The chicken prepares quickly on a campfire and is very tasty and will give you the protein you need. Use only slices of chicken that you fry in a pan on both sides. First quickly on each side so that the juice and meat are not dry, and then bake slowly on each side. Use gyros as a spice. As a side dish, add three potatoes that are fried at the same time. Wrap the potatoes well in a thin aluminum foil and place them on the edge of the fire in the ashes. When the meat is ready, remove the potatoes from the fire and unwrap them from aluminum foil. Be careful, they will be hot so you don’t get burned!

Cut the potatoes into pieces of meat and you have a very good and healthy lunch that will give you energy.


Have something light and healthy for dinner, it’s perfect and you’ll sleep better. It is good to have a piece of meat and vegetables for dinner. Baked bacon and eggs in a pan with peppers. After a day of walking, you need to recharge and be exhausted. The fat in the bacon won’t hurt you, because the next day you’ll get it off by walking again. Below you prefer a lighter and healthier dinner, take peppers, tomatoes, a piece of chicken. Cut everything into cubes and cook on fire with a little water. Have a piece of bread or toast as a side dish.


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