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How to choose the right and important things to backpack

How to choose the right and important things to backpack

It is not possible to write a complete list of everything a person should have during a several-day stay in nature – it always depends exactly on the type of terrain, weather and other detailed conditions that determine the current list of several equipment. Therefore, take the list of all necessary things listed here as a guide, if you have not forgotten the most necessary equipment.


– firm, comfortable fit, preferably with side pockets and reinforced in exposed areas such as the knees and buttocks. For shorter hikes, one is enough, for longer marches, one spare will not hurt.


– in warm weather, good and comfortable shorts are always suitable, unless you go to difficult terrain where long pants are a must. When choosing them, make sure that you feel comfortable in them and that they are made of breathable material if possible.


– the most suitable type is a fleece sweatshirt, which wicks away sweat and warms up well.


– light, waterproof and windproof. When choosing it, make sure that all pockets and zippers are covered with feet and also that the jacket, waist, bottom hem and sleeves can be pulled down against blowing. It is also suitable for the hood to be spacious, but at the same time it was nice to pull off and cover the lower part of the face from bad weather.


– the size of the backpack depends on the length of the „chundra“. A backpack with a capacity of 20-30 liters is sufficient for short one-day trips, and 50-75 liters for multi-day trips. Always choose a backpack so that it „fits“ well on your back and you pack everything you carry with it. The big advantage is if the backpack has its own raincoat, ventilated back, comfortable waist belt and allows you to hang up additional equipment.


– nowadays there is a possibility of a large selection of different types of sleeping pads. It is possible to use a classic foam mat, which rolls or folds, or many types of so-called „self-inflating mattresses“, which allow greater comfort of lying down, but are usually heavier and more bulky than conventional foam mats.

Sleeping bag

– choose a sleeping bag that is warm enough for the conditions you are going to go to, light and easy to store. In general, the comfort of a sleeping bag around minus five degrees Celsius is sufficient for our conditions.

Tent, tent

– for summer weather, a tent tent is sufficient, which is lighter and can easily be used to build a shelter, but in cold weather, or if you require some comfort when sleeping, a tent is a much better option.


– is a practical accessory for the rain, which you can easily throw over your entire equipment, including a backpack, in addition, you can easily make it a spacious shelter in case of emergency, which will protect you from the rain.


– for difficult terrain, high boots with a hard sole are a better choice, for lighter ones with soft ones. In any case, it is true that the shoes you have chosen are always comfortable, well-trodden, firm in the ankle and not completely airtight.


– their number depends on the length of your stay in nature, but for multi-days it is a rule to have one on you and at least one spare packed in a backpack. You can choose a variant of functional materials or pure cotton.

What else and how to choose the right and important things to backpack


– functional and comfortable – always choose from breathable or cotton types in which you feel comfortable and in which there is no danger of you sweating too much. This way you will avoid painful sores and abrasions that would surely make your whole stay in nature uncomfortable.


– a suitable choice are multifunctional scarves in the shape of a „tunnel“, from which you can easily create a hat, balaclava, scarf, etc.


– it is good to lay thin and medium-thick functional socks on top of each other for longer hikes – you will avoid (or at least reduce) the formation of blisters. Never forget to have a sufficient number of spare socks with you – after all, your feet are the most stressed part of your body when you are in nature, so you have to give them exemplary care and keep them dry.

Hat, cap

– an indispensable remedy against sunburn and bad weather. Knife – in most cases a classic „shutter“ is enough, but make sure that the knife is well sharpened and in good technical condition.

Survival kit

(or rescue box) – contains all the necessary emergency means for survival and is a suitable accessory for stays in nature away from civilization.