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Overnight in nature

When traveling, safety is always paramount. We must always have this idea in the first place and it is not good to change it. Therefore, always try to protect yourself and your friends.

While serving in the military, we learned how to survive in the field and how to be as safe as possible in our lives and health.

First we have to think about the coming evening and look for a suitable place to sleep and get the comfort of the camp. Don’t do it at the last minute when the sun sets over the horizon … you may not have enough light and time to unpack.

1. Select a protected location
2. Choose a hole, a cave, a rock cover, a hill that will protect you from the night wind
3. Never camp for an overnight stay on a hill like a bivouac, because cold air rises from the valley and you will feel cold
4. If you are doing a bivouac on a hill, build a shelter so that its side faces the valley and you are not so cold there.

Create your Shelter in advance and fasten it properly behind strong trees in and around you. Anchor it and first unpack the pad and unpack the sleeping bag.

Remember that you have to go to the sleeping bag when you are warm by the fire, and not when you are cold, because it will be cold in your sleeping bag as well.

Prepare a flashlight for night vision in a good place and prepare wood for a campfire in the morning.


If you plan properly it will be an exciting time and you will enjoy it!

Happy backpacking, friends!

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