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How big a backpack

How big a backpack do I need for a 3-day hike?

How big a backpack do I need for a 3-day hike?

How big a backpack?

Everyone has their own different basic needs, so there is a difference in who wants to put a backpack for their trip.

How big a backpack do I need for a 3-day hike?

We will look at the basic data, which are essential, and we will choose our backpack accordingly. First we have to say whether we are going hunting, capping, hiking and we decide accordingly.

The backpack you use must be reliable and must not betray you in the field during your mission.

For example: we decide for a backpack around 40-45 l. If such a backpack has side pockets, compression straps and hardware for attaching a mat, sleeping bag, shelter and it is possible to attach an ax and a weapon, then that is exactly it and does not have to be bigger.

Depending on the weather, you need some clothes for your mission. When you pass, you need spare clothes as well as at night to keep you warm. I do not recommend sleeping in what a person moves all day.

After a whole day of walking you will be sweaty and your clothes even if you don’t know it will be damp and writing in such clothes is a problem.

You may feel cold and do not rest overnight in slightly damp clothing. But you need to rest and sleep well.

How big a backpack do I need for a 3-day hike?

If you buy a backpack larger than about 60 L on your mission and do not fill it properly, you will be uncomfortable carrying it on your back all day.

The backpack does not hold its shape properly, it bounces, moves on its back and it is not a pleasant feeling. A bigger backpack sometimes has no reason, because those things can fit in a smaller backpack.

How big do I need for a 3-day hike?

What will be inside the backpack.

So how to choose the right one? Simple solution. Take a backpack in which you put one T-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt or sweater, pants and socks, a raincoat, a hat, a scarf. From hygienic needs soap, toothbrush, toilet paper, towel, mosquito repellent.

Pack a first aid kit and tablets to get drinking water. Cry with a rescue kit, some rope, matches or lighter, fuel, flint, fire pad, spare glasses, flashlight. You can pack a compass, a map, a paper pencil, a walkie-talkie, a radio for listening if something happens to keep you informed. It is not good to always rely on a mobile phone because the signal is not always available.

What will he add to the backpack from the outside.

Prepare a sleeping bag, a shelter, pegs, a cable for attachment, a cushion under the sleeping bag, feel free to wrap a blanket. Don’t forget the coffee mug, the kettle for cooking on the fire, the drinking bottle and the water transfer.

An ax, a hand-held chain saw, your hunting weapon.

What food and needs to pack?

You will need food for three days. You can solve drinking water with tablets and you can drink water from a stream, river or even a puddle very safely.

Take a box of salt, sugar, cutlery, a knife, bread, some salami, a can of meat, a candy bar. It is right to take grape sugar which will supply a lot of energy when depleted.

Think about having breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and a light dinner. Because it is three days, it can be served without proper cooking.

In conclusion.

If you take a simple backpack that weighs up to one kilo, even made of cotton, your load will be around ten kilograms. Such a weight is very good and you will not be in pain.

Gradually, the weight will decrease as you take in food supplies, which can be two pounds less immediately a day after breakfast.

We wish you a pleasant experience and take care.

Michael Deec