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What can Shelter Michael Deec Original do for you?

As for the time spent in the woods, one of the best things you can buy for it is a good tent. But like all the tools around you – if you really have a very good idea of ​​how to handle it for maximum performance. And this is more true of the team at the tent, as it can be formed into hundreds of different shapes.

People who are going to the forest for the first time will probably do better if they buy a decent tent and experiment with the tent for a long time and study its possibilities of application in a specific environment and deployment. Decide to take a tent or two right away, because it is for more advanced camps as part of the implementation of your maximum comfort on the road will be active at first to gain other experiences with it (sleeping in the garden is an ideal test and any outside the sun even better, because it gives a welcome opportunity to experiment with the tent (s) – we directly need to provide data in one of the directions from which it is raining, …).

How to choose a tent?

When choosing the optimal tents for you, keep in mind the following factors:

Ideal / maximum weight – common tents and sails are always in the course of several light equipment (typically they have something around a kilo in the version for one or two people), but if you have other equipment in a backpack and tents two, then of course „camouflage“. But as for that convenience, why not, unnecessarily carry things heavier when the service helps you make even a tent for a good fourth pound lighter…

Material and its color – today, tents made of leather materials or some fabrics are not done much once you come across artificial fibers. As for the color, of course, the classic is camouflage, khaki, etc., which blends in with the forest by far the easiest. But whoever has it in the plan uses it and signals, for example, it will definitely want a lighter shade. As for the extremely practical side, it is true that the darker the tent, the sooner it will dry out from the water.

Maximum / minimum number of people – it’s easy, the more people, the better and bigger the tent will want. However, there is a certain maximum size, above which it is already very difficult and uncomfortable to manipulate the tent, and all the more so in the field conditions of forest stands and two-meter nettles. So it is advisable to think about whether two smaller 6 x 4 meters would not be enough for a holiday instead of one gigantic tent 10 x 15 meters. In short, the larger the tent, the more people will satisfy each other with the available space, but the teams will then continue to work for you, fix it in place and finally de-function.

Other your special cases (loops, eyelets, extra sewn version,…) – depending on what you expect from your tent, it does not hurt to be aware of other available options (all tents are waterproof by default), so for example: another modern celtic it also has eyelets or loops around its perimeter, with which it can be very easily attached with the help of a rope or Paracord, wherever it is needed, some of them also have a special reinforcement in the lower part,… It differs from type to type …

For an emergency shelter – it is clear to everyone among us that if he bends the tent in half and passes Paracord through it and ties it to the trees and branches around, he will suddenly gain protection from ordinary rain and, secondly, from the sun. But it’s not in front of any crawling and flying slot, so carry at least a small mosquito net on your head in your pocket.

To catch rainwater – even if you just don’t have the confidence in the water caught in a dirty drinking tent (someone else may find the courage in themselves free water in the woods that can be used for a variety of things: brushing your teeth, washing yourself or dishes, pouring fire, or anything else you just need (wake someone up with ice water). By the way, the whole process of catching water will be much easier for you to learn if you also reserve a container for it (calmly a cloth bucket).

As a solar water purifier – it is a process that can provide you with further drinking water from the surroundings and already obtained (dew from the grass caught in a towel). It works best with a transparent piece of plastic or a poncho / raincoat, but you can also use a regular khaki tent. Just dig a hole in the ground (about a meter by a meter), put a container at the bottom in which the water will be trapped, put whatever the water is in (yes, even urine) and cover everything + place the stone so cleverly up so that it is right in the middle above the container. The sun will heat all things under the tent, pure steam will rise from it, and it will condense at the top, and remembering the law of gravity will descend into the bucket thanks to a small stone in the middle, which created a depression in the tent.

Keeping the human body warm – wrapping a tarpaulin around your cold colleague’s area to keep it from blowing or raining will help keep the person / place dry and raise your body temperature. Never wrap it (or yourself) directly in a plastic tent! It is waterproof, so on the one hand no sweat will evaporate and on the other hand, water will not pass through it, but accumulate there! All in all, you end up wetter and cooler than you started, which is the last thing you want. However, dry tarpaulin can be tangled between two dry blankets for a short time and then used on a person.

Emergency stretcher

did someone bruise his leg on a can while charging water from a stream or can’t walk because he stretched his muscle? Then you will find a certain suitability to use the tent as a perfect improvised stretcher (it will require reinforcement on both sides but proper branches).

Getting food

who dares to have some real forest delicacy, can try this technique to get some of that food from the anthill. Of course, all these activities are under standard conditions of crime, so if you really don’t care about life, we don’t do it! A tent is placed over the anthill, all its sides are bent by about 15 cm (so that they form a bend from above) and a part of the anthill is transferred to it (never the whole, otherwise it is after the colony!) And it leaves for a while. The ants will try to save the pupae and hide them and themselves under the fold of the tent, where you collect and eat them. In all things, we were forced at any time to the cones, mushrooms or nettles, in short, what the forest gives… Just be careful that practically nothing can be done in our forest, including picking fruits and building shelter!

Life saving and signaling

the tent can be used, for some perhaps quite surprisingly also for signaling. All you have to do is create a contrasting inscription on it that you will notice someone from afar (and especially from a helicopter): „Help“, „HELP“ or „XXX“ will also serve, even the most demanding member of the mountain service will know very well that ), letters, …) mean „We have problems!“.
Trap for animals – again strictly prohibited by law in our country, but it is quite possible that sometimes we sometimes occur in foreign wilderness, where I like everyone alive and I love traps is therefore allowed here. All you have to do is dig a hole, put something tempting / fragrant up, over the hole of the tent and cover with leaves and clay. But be careful not to break your leg in your colleague who went for the berries…!

Regular backpack

even if two people go out into nature with a backpack for normal things, ie sewn, if you have a tent and enough Paracord or other rope, it is possible to make the backpack / bandolier as if from a tent. Packing it is not complicated at all, because its comfort is not very great (rope on the body), so some extra heavy things are not so comfortable to decide. If you are an experienced, experienced woodsman / an avid minimalist, you can work a few kilos on the weight of a backpack in this way (a modern and complete empty medium-sized backpack normally weighs around 2-3 kg +/-).

Emergency waterproof sleeping bag

from one bent tent and Paracord it is very easy to create a large pocket resembling a sleeping bag („sewn“ through the eyes / loops on the sides of the tent), which can be climbed with a sleeping bag, when it starts raining at night and you have just a simple tent above you and you sign up for a tornado when you work more really from all sides.

Transfer of equipment

/ wood / supplies from point A to point B – whether you need to transfer dry wood, found quantum charges, plains, arrows or whatever you came across in the forest, in all these cases the tent will do you a good job.

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