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Spring 2018 – testing in action – Shelter

Spring 2018 – testing in action – Shelter

We were looking forward to this test in harsh nature. We prepared everything you needed such as sleeping bags, food for two to three days, water, clothes, hygiene products, first aid kit and more.

We moved to dense and vast forests in the morning – In the morning we covered about 5 miles and in the afternoon we unpacked our camp. There were a few hours until dusk.

We found the perfect place to rewrite covered with a large earth dune and many trees where we cleaned the ground and unpacked our Shelters. Anchoring between the trees was easy, because we supply our products with a long rope and it is not a problem to attach. After tensioning the Shelter, we anchored so that the entrance was facing the dune and the night and morning cold air did not flow inside.

Because the weather was bad, it was raining a lot and a strong wind was blowing, we started a fire to make dinner in the lee.

The night was cold, freezing and we were convinced in the rain that our roofs are firmly attached and withstand the heavy rain that turned into a little snowfall in the morning.

In the morning we set up a campfire to warm up and have breakfast and hot coffee.

The next day we moved another 15 miles to a beautiful open place. We were looking for some cover for the night, but since we were on the hill it wasn’t easy. It is necessary to protect yourself from the cold air from the valley.

We found a very dense place with trees and divided our camp. We fastened our Michael Deec Original Shelters side by side and made a campfire in front of us. We used a local stream for water and we used chemical disinfection used by the army to treat the water. This disinfection is for water that is also polluted and contains possible bacteria. Just 10 drops of disinfectant for 1 liter of water.

We didn’t have time for lunch, so we were looking forward to making dinner.

The weather was better at night. There was no strong wind or rain, so the whole night was quiet and peaceful. When it dawned, we used the rest of the fire to divide it for breakfast and listened to the voice of the forest.

The animals walked around and at night, the owl’s honking at night from time to time. Because we were very quiet, a deer came who didn’t notice us at all and stopped in front of us at the edge of our camp at one of our shelters. He stood and looked at us curiously, began to breathe excitedly, and then quickly fled.

We had beautiful days in action. The most important thing from this event is our feeling that our shelter product can really withstand even very bad weather.

However, we know from our knowledge that it could be further improved and the shelter was perfect. That’s why we start working on it because we know what and how.

These are our tests, we test on ourselves to give you the best and most reliable. We want you to be as satisfied as possible with our products.

Yours, Michael Deec