Camping Equipment

Camping equipment

What is camping

The most famous travelers, hunters and soldiers have adopted certain rules for survival in nature. They gained their knowledge and skills and this experience helps them to survive safely in various difficult moments in the forest, desert, mountains.

This article is dedicated to all people who want to gain skills and knowledge.

Your idea of ​​a weekend adventure is quite close and it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, but mainly your preparation. Preparation and experience are things that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your adventure in nature.

What does everyone need to know?

Before you go out into nature to explore new experiences, you need to think about how long you will be in the field – how many days your stay in nature will take. It is very important for planning food and possibly water supplies, where you will sleep and where you will walk and cross the terrain everywhere. There is a difference between mountains, desert and wild forest with a stream.

So first we will choose a backpack

Backpacks are a good friend but must be practical, reliable and tried and tested. You have to choose the right size backpack, because a small backpack will fit a lot of things for camping, but they will be crammed into each other, and when you need to take something out of the body of the backpack, you may have to unpack it all and then pack it again.

As we all know, there are many backpacks available for sale in various stores today. There are many backpack manufacturers, but we want a backpack that is reliable and will be our only friend, and therefore we must, if possible, look for bags that have some history and are certified.

According to Michael Deec Ltd. which is based in Prague in the Czech Republic, which by the way is the central part of Europe and borders Germany, Austria has many manufacturers on the market. Some are good and have good things and some only have products from China.

Chinese products have a good price, but the quality of products and materials is very often poor. It’s not that they can’t do good things in China, but many products to make them cheap are made for little money at the expense of quality. Then there are products that have a very good quality in China, but they are significantly more expensive.

Therefore, if you want to buy a fully functional backpack, you need to think about whether you want it for one use or for multiple uses for many years.

There is another solution and these are special backpacks that are certified and each backpack has its own number and type. This is due to the fact that large machine production is not carried out, but everything must be done by hand with an emphasis on quality. You can find such backpack manufacturers in Europe as well as in the US.


So let’s look at the detailed reviews of Outdoor supplies and imagine them in detail. Every backpack, shelter, sleeping bag, bag, sack and other necessary things are tested in harsh conditions. So they can show us the shortcomings and we will improve the shortcomings to perfection.


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