We bought and tested a competitive backpack

We bought and tested a competitive backpack. What is the experience?

What are we bringing you today ‚s news?

For our needs and the assessment of our quality products, we occasionally purchase competing products. We will discuss these products in detail and we will always test them properly.

This time we chose a traditional manufacturer with a long production for the needs of camping, hiking and hunters.

The manufacturer is in Europe, creating its products in the classic way, especially handicrafts. I offer around twenty products in various variants.

The manufacturer makes backpacks from quality material, enjoys quality threads and sewing, the products are beautiful in design.

What was the problem and did we find something wrong?

Yes, we are very sorry, but we found mistakes. However, it is good for us, because we found out how our products are better than this manufacturer and we were very pleased.

We first looked at the product. At first glance, narrower straps were visible than we use for the MOLLE binding. The hardware was also weaker and we think it deserves better.

As a second thing, we turned the backpack upside down. We saw a lot of loose threads from the seams and we were genuinely shocked. We did not expect uncleaned edges. There was a lot of it.

Next we tried to fill the backpack with the necessary things. We put parts of the clothes in the backpack, attached the sleeping bag to the backpack and adjusted the shoulder straps. The backpack sat on his back and did not push, which was pleasant and comfortable. However, it does not have a lumbar strap and it was quite missing because the backpack swayed when walking and it would need to be fastened more.

There are side pockets on the backpack. These pockets are on the lapel and are very deep. T we welcomed. There is space behind the pockets on the body of the backpack. The manufacturer will specify this space for inserting, for example, an ax or a tripod onto the camera.

Unfortunately, we were unable to mount the tripod forward. The straps for the lock above the pockets which the tripod has to fix were very short and did not work. Therefore, we only had to fix the tripod partially. The thermos would not fix this way at all, the ax did.

There is a zip pocket on the top of the backpack from the inside, which seemed to be the right solution for some small personal items.

On the body of the backpack there is a smaller MOOLE binding, metal eyelets for possible connection of other things. But this is not a quick solution, because you have to attach one of your straps additionally.

The material of the body of the backpack is made of cotton and is possible for the penetration of raindrops during longer and heavy rains. However, the substance is solid and does not scratch.

Our recommendation is that the backpack is quite good. However, it would like to focus on improving the quality of the details.

The backpack sells for $ 60 + shipping by destination.

The contents of the manufacturer’s backpack are 60 liters.