Spring 2021 – testing in action

Hello friends,

so we are preparing a new event for the month of March. We will test new types of backpacks in the field and if we can make our idea, we want to test a new type of Shelter / TarpTent. We are very much looking forward to the whole event and now we are fine-tuning the details.

We will definitely bring you not only an introductory word about the whole event, but also a whole article about our experience with photography.

We understand that the backpack must be of high quality and very comfortable, so we want to load and use it for three days and find out if it is spacious enough, functional, comfortable and testing is used for all this.

We expect wind resistance at the shelter. We have prepared a new handle and position design. It is also necessary to test how it will be placed and whether it will not be too complicated. Everything must be very simple and reliable.

Follow us and we will bring you results not only on our website, but also on Fecebook and Twetter.

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