How to choose backpacks

How to choose backpacks

How to choose backpacks

How to choose backpacks for your activity is not so easy because everyone wants and expects something different from a hiking backpack or tactical backpack, a hunting backpack or backpack for 1 day, 2 to 3 days or more.

For a good overview, we will divide the backpacks into points.

1)Activity: you will want to run or walk with a backpack

2)Capacity: Do you want to pack a lot of things in your backpack?

3)Function: do you need to adapt the backpack?

4)Special Features: Want Hiking Backpack, Hunting Backpack, Tactical Backpack?

5)Weight: The backpack should be light or standard and strong

6)Production: You expect honest work of the product or cheap Asia

7)Material: Strong and durable material or light to ultra light

8)Color: Are you looking for a backpack in a color for hunting, hiking or a running backpack?

Backpack for fitness girl jogging

1)Are you running or cycling to your favorite route? Because you will be on the move, it is necessary that your backpack is not a bad choice. The backpack should suit you in all directions and must not impede your movement because it is very important.

The lightweight cycling backpack on the back is anatomically according to the body and ensures proper ventilation of the back. There must be space for a hydrobag in the backpack, the side pocket is an advantage and thus water resistant.

The material must be light and malleable, the fabric must be well cleaned as it will be covered with mud from your bike while riding. The backpack should have a bright color for good visibility on the road and the advantage is that the backpack has the option of connecting a highlight light for cars in traffic.

A light cycling backpack, the anatomical back system must have good ventilation, pockets for small items and other goodies, and the advantage is that it allows the helmet to be attached.

The comfortable running backpack copies your back – a good choice is the running backpack-vest, thanks to the compression straps and stretch pockets you will not clink or bang anything in the backpack while running and it is also compatible with a water bag.

Hiking backpack

Hiking backpack

2 – 8)Decide another suitable selection according to the material, color, size and weight of the backpack as follows.

Are you a hiker like to go to nature and to the mountains or hunting? Then the reliability of the backpack and the color are important to you. If you go fishing you will definitely not buy a backpack with a bright color because you would see it in the woods many miles away.

You need to have a backpack in the color of dark or camouflage so that you are not visible to the animals and even mosquitoes and mosquitoes will not come to look at you. The material needs to be chosen to be strong and water resistant. Wide back straps are important for a comfortable fit. Side pockets are especially suitable for carrying an ax, thermos, camera tripod, wands, etc. Side compression straps ensure the stability of things in side the hiking backpack.

Water-resistant material is just as important as proper and hard sewing. That backpack must not break while you are in the field. Straps must be firm and reliable in each case. Quick unpacking and a large internal space for packing things for several days is important.

Don’t be fooled by many retailers about the quality and production of them because many brands of backpack are made in China for low price reasons.