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What is the best backpack for hiking?

What is the best backpack for hiking?

Finding a suitable backpack for hiking today is a challenge with a large selection and it is not easy. It depends on what you want from the backpack.

From our point of view, as a manufacturer of outdoor equipment Michael Deec, the basic decision for the right choice of a backpack for travel or for a profession is simple. The main element you need to think about is quality.

A quality backpack will last you and will be safe for you. Don’t buy unnecessarily cheap things that don’t do what they have to do. We’ve made one attempt in the last month. We ordered and purchased a competing product. You can learn more about the exam in our blog article https://michaeldeec.com/tested-a-competitive-backpack/

Do you know how many days you will be on the road?

This is a basic question because if you buy a large backpack, it will interfere with you, and if you buy a small backpack, you will have trouble putting the necessary equipment in it and the backpack will not be placed correctly on your back.

Do you need to attach something to your backpack?

Choose a backpack that has the option of binding and it is so easy to add other necessities such as a sleeping bag, blanket, dishes, etc.

Choose a backpack very strong, correct and honest sewing, strong and waterproof fabric that will not be easily damaged. Quality hardware is the basis of your satisfaction and the strength of the backpack. Sturdy straps are a must and must be relied on. The backpack must contain, for ideal equipment, the possibility of attachment on the sides for an ax, tripod, weapon. Fastening must be firm and easy.

Check the sewing seams. These seams on every honestly made backpack must be firm and clean. We Michael Deec always sew the connection two to three times with a very strong thread.

Michael Deec‚s production is focused only on quality and is based on the experience of ancestors. Our products are not mass-produced. Production is always according to the assignment for each order and individual. Our production is handmade from the best and proven connections and materials. Therefore, we do not supply our products to any stores, but we immediately ship them all over the world.

We are aware that our products are not the cheapest on the market, but we do not want to compete on price, we present quality and the price always includes the price of free shipping for you.

Choose a backpack that suits you. Buy elsewhere and cheaper because there are many choices and manufacturers in the world. We know it and we don’t mind.

If you opt for a backpack for $ 20 and it will suit you, we are glad that you found it and you are satisfied. If you want a backpack that not everyone has and is made only for you with a quality certificate, visit our store website, we will be happy and we will be happy to deliver the best for you.