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Where to find decent materials for a fire?

The previous points were important, but the current one is clearly the most important: without at least a little sensible wood fuel, you can’t really start a fire. You have to be sure that they will keep the fire going and that they are flammable, otherwise the stalk will definitely not ignite them. The problem, of course, is not to find them when the weather is perfect and the visibility is perfect. The main snag is that you often look for everything in not very top condition (the first signs of winter) and visibility (fog, rain,…).

The best area for finding a still dry place (and therefore also flammable materials here) is absolutely the same as in the case of the above-mentioned trumpet – under evergreen trees, or under conifers of all forms. There are always relatively dry branches to find (typically as close as possible to the trunk, because there is the best protection from the rain). The branches are usually so dead and dry that when you try to break them, they burst beautifully, which indicates that you have dry wood. But all the branches are connected by one thing – they are always high above the ground and thus far from the snow and the largest slots on the ground.

If you were unlucky, but found something that could be described as „semi-dry“, peel the top wet layer from this halo and leave at least a little more dry core from it.

Some dead trees have already fallen spontaneously (or were helped by wind and snow) and it is therefore easier to obtain some of the flammable materials from them. Here, it pays to stick to the top, because the bottom is usually the most moist. Whatever passes through your critical eye from similar fallen dry dead trees, get it out of it with your tools – dry bark, inner layers of wood, dry needles, it will all be great for the trunk.

In the constellation that you are now near the trees that have cones, we remind you that they also burn in a luxurious style. Not to mention that they contain edible seeds. Everything you will simply like in the trees as a thing supporting the burning of already laid large logs, just take…

However, if you expect more from the fire than just cooking food and warming your person before sleeping in a sleeping bag, it is necessary to have the appropriate amount of fuel ready for the night, which will keep it (the larger the log, the less often you have to put it in), as long as necessary.

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