Our Story


Honestly produced by our ancestors since 1918

The mission of Michael Deec Ltd., which was born in the ideas of the end of the 20th century in Czechoslovakia in Central Europe and thus continued the quality and honest production. We provide first-class handmade products with a lifetime warranty on all craftsmanship and hardware. We are one of the few companies for the production of canvas packaging in the Czech Republic.

Nothing is mass-produced here – Each bag is made to withstand the extremes of everyday life in forests, mountains, deserts and uses only the best and most interesting materials.

We use the canvas to create the body and actively bind MOLLE. Quality and strong tapes and strong sewing with special 6x threads. Metal hardware for mounting and strength.

Our products must serve the military, rescuers and be trusted so that we do not use a zipper. We believe that even a quality zipper can be a threat to your quick action in the field and not packing your backpack leads to great worries. That’s why we prefer to close the straps and have such a high level of security with every pack of backpacks.

Our philosophy is based on the original old idea of ​​product quality and honesty. Original links to the aesthetic side in combination with the best environmentally friendly materials.

We love the honesty and history of our ancestors and appreciate their products to this day.

The latest generation adds to our endless history anyone who buys one of our handmade packages. We care about your story, and we’d love to hear your memories of Michael Deec. Do us a favor by sharing your story and join the package today.

Are you looking for something specific? Most custom projects are completed in a matter of days and are delivered worldwide. Contact us here …