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How to pack a backpack properly

Tips and tricks

You should not carry a load that is heavier than 30% of your body weight. Especially when you’re packing for a long journey and carrying things to other people, it’s easy to quickly overcome this limit. But if you want to go somewhere, you must not be overloaded. Therefore, consider the backpack after packing the backpack. And if you’ve gained more than 30% of your weight, you need to think about how to lose weight and if you really need everything you’ve packed.

To get to know your backpack better, it’s a good idea to buy a set of organizers into which you can sort things. In addition, when you write down what is in the organizers, you will find everything at a glance and save yourself a long kick in the backpack.

Protect your belongings from water. Most of today’s large backpacks are easy to get in a raincoat, but it won’t help if you slip through the river and fall into the water. Therefore, it pays to pack in waterproof bags or at least in plastic bags and sacks.

If you still can’t store everything you need in your backpack, you can attach some things to the outside of the backpack with straps. However, it should not be difficult not to shift the center of gravity of the backpack. Also, avoid various clinking objects, because the constant pounding of the pot on the pot will quickly start to bother you.

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