New Survival Shelter-Canopy-Tarp-Sh-A-04-019-GR

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Brand: Michael Deec Original    

Shelter/TarpTent No. – Sh-A-04-019-GR

Handcraft Canopy Tents for Camping – Shelter

material: 100% polyester canvas weave 600D / 600D with ULY (polyurethane) coating

total weight 300gr / m2

Hand made with personal approval type number



Made In The Czech Republic    



The Best New Survival Shelter-Canopy-Tarp-Sh-A-04-019-GR

The weather was beautiful all day and you go through the countryside for a new discovery in a new place where there will be a wonderful view. The sun is still shining on you and there are many experiences throughout the day.

Beautiful landscape where you hear birds above your head and in the view you see beautiful rocks and massive forests.

Going through dense vegetation is a difficult effort, but it pays off because you immediately see a beautiful view into the distance.

A stream with clear water flows next to you nearby and you will say that you will want to camp here overnight because of the beautiful view.

The hiking backpack from Michael Deec you took on your back provided you with all the necessary equipment. You will adjust the place for sleeping and take our new type of shelter-tarps out of the backpack.

You look around and see two trees not far from each other and you immediately know how to do shelter-tarps.

You unfold it and pass the attached rope through the upper eyes. You wrap each side around a tree and anchor it with a carabiner. Then take the pins or cut some sticks as pins and turn off the ground attachment.

You like it because our new survival shelter-tarps is sturdy and solid. You see the quality and the touch. Solid eyelets and solid fabric are an emphasis on quality.

The side seams are double folded and no water can pass through them. The solid reinforcements at the lower anchorages emphasize the strength.

You built up quickly and all you have to do is make a fire and make food and coffee. Overlooking the setting sun and the end of the day, you move under the shelter and see how beautiful the day is slowly ending.

It was a beautiful day and our wish is for you ….. good night!


This Best New Survival Shelter-Canopy-Tarp-Sh-A-04-019-GR is made of solid Polyester Canvas weave material with a surface treatment against moisture penetration.

It is reinforced at the edges to attach the anchor to the ground and is also equipped with a strap for eyelets for hanging and stretching the rope with attachment to the tree.

The Canopy – Tarps

for Camping – Shelter/Tarps/Tent can withstand strong winds and heavy rain, its anchorage is stable.
The Canopy is designed to sleep and provide for one person in a tented state.

At Michael Deec

we tested this type of shelter-canopy-tarps and we can say that we are very satisfied with its qualities.

It took us a while to figure out if it was necessary to make such solid reinforcements for anchoring, but we thought it was important for bad weather.

This point worked for us during testing because, as you can read in our blog article, the weather was bad … there was strong wind and rain, and yet we stayed safe.


This New Canopy Tents for Camping – shelter-canopy-tarps has no side mounting or floor. A warm board is used on the ground and you place a sleeping bag on it.

Comes with rope and carabiners.

All key seams are at least double stitched.

Now you can pack your backpack and go to beautiful nature to discover its beauty and the voices of animals.

The weather will not turn you on and our shelter-canopy-tarps Michal Deec Original is ready to be your friend even in harsh climates.

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2,5 x 2,8 m




camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, rescue




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