New Backpack Hiking for Man 60 l

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Brand: Michael Deec Original   

Hiking Backpack No. – HB-50-02-021-CA

Handcraft Backpack

HF-hydrophobic treatment (water repellent).
Fabric 100% PES 600D / 600D 200 gr.m / 2;
hot calendered PVC foil 220 gr.m / 2;
Total weight 420 gr.m / 2; + -2%
force (N): 1442 warp, 1243 weft; + -5%
market strength (N): 103 warp, 90 leakage; + -5%
water column pressure> 100 cm;
Health safety according to Decree No. 84/2001 Coll. And Decree No. 521/2005 Coll.

Hand made with personal approval type number

Made In The Czech Republic  




The new Backpack Hiking for Man 60 l

You have to go for three days in beautiful nature and discover nature and hear wildlife. You need to pack important things, sleeping bag, food, gown, ax, utensils, spare clothes and many other things.

The backpack Hiking for man, Travel, Hunting, Expolorer by the Michael Deec will give you enough locker space for everything.

The inside part of the backpack has a large compartment for a hydrobag or other items that you want to separate from others.

The inner coating of the backpack material will ensure you dry needs inside. Your the backpack can be enlarged to have enough space for everything.

Processing backpack-hiking-for-man-60-L

The sides with pockets are used for inserting and fastening, for example, axes, thermoses, wands, tripods, where the fastening is by means of tightening straps.

The rich MOLLE binding on the front allows you to add other necessary things. The MOLLE binding is on the lapel of the backpack for further fastening.

At the bottom of the Backpack Hiking for Man 60 l are two straps for attaching a sleeping bag, a mat or a blanket.

The shoulder straps are quick to throw away for military use when you have to quickly throw away your backpack and you don’t have time for more.

Testing backpack-hiking-for-man-60-L

All our products are carefully tested in difficult conditions, which will tell us what else we can improve for you. All products have their own certificate, register and number, which can be found out and find out if it is an honest craft by Michael Deec.

The backpack-hiking-for-man-60-l is made of camouflage canvas with double stitching and metal hardware for reliability.

Sufficiently long compression straps ensure full packing of larger items into the body of the backpack.

We care about honesty and strength, but also about friendship with nature.

The backpack is made to order. Please allow 10 to 20 days + delivery approximately 5 days

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20l. or 50 l.


0.780 Kg


Hiking, Camping, Explorer, Travel, Hunting


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