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Capacity: 45 l.
Weight: 0.780 Kg

Use: Hiking, camping, explorer, travel, hunting

Made in Czech Republic



The Best Original 45-l-Outdoor for Camping-Backpack-AH-B 054-Rs

Brand: Michael Deec Original

Michael Deec Company brings another honest and unique product to your travels. The Outdoor-Camping-Backpack is certified for use by rescue services AH-B 054-Rs.

This the best new backpack is made in limited versions. We supply the Michael Deec company together with a certificate on quality and environmental protection.

Outdoor-Camping-Backpack and its production plans date back to 1923, when these backpacks were historically for nature travelers. They served for their quality and safety.

They were characterized by a clever solution for attaching axes, saws, weapons to the side pockets.

Reinforced back, two large loaded pockets on the sides, a funny solution for attaching an ax, machete or shovel (behind the side pockets), many handles for a mat, shelter, blanket, sleeping bag, field bottle, etc.

There is a zip pocket in the large upper flap. Extensions to increase the internal volume are a matter of course.

Wide use from weekends to multi-day events for women and women.


The backpack is suitable for hunting, exploration, outdoor events. Outdoor-Camping-Backpack is made in the original direction of history many years ago. A combination of history and new material that is strong and can withstand rough handling.

We tested our backpack in difficult terrain. We tested its reliability and the possibility of storing things for need.

As back straps, we were satisfied. The backpack is comfortable to wear, does not push and the inner things do not rest on their backs.

The side pockets are large and the grip of the ax or shovel by sliding behind them and fastening with a strap in place achieved a firm grip.

The backpack adjustment for more space is simple on a rope without complicated equipment. Stretched with a steel ring on the perimeter ensures full functionality for download.

Multiple sewing and insertion of seams, metal fastening, many possible variants.


Made by hand in a small series in the European Union – in the Czech Republic – Central Europe.

Material: khaki cotton
Dimensions: 30 × 20 × 70 cm





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