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Personal survival kit and its composition

Each of us has completely different needs, demands and goals that can be achieved with a given set. The fact is that many of the people around survival and prepping have more evacuation kits (a kit to get home from work, a kit for surviving a fire, …). Even one person can easily have 3-4 different sets, for different situations and differently equipped.

And when you build a set of such a set, you usually take a list for inspiration (in the form of a foreign article or a list from the Internet) and you adapt it again to your needs. You can never expect someone to magically know all your needs and telepathically read what you need.
What is the difference between a survival kit, a 72-hour survival kit and evacuation luggage?

It is only the terminology that indicates their optimal direction and goal. For example, the „72-hour survival kit“ is obviously aimed at surviving three days. Generally speaking.

Others call their kit „BOB“ / „Bug out bag“. Here, too, the answer is just as logical – it is a set that is intended to enable and facilitate your journey to your evacuation location (a cottage in the woods, in your field, etc.). By the way, a good BOB should also take into account that you will have to go here and get without a car. You never know what you’ll come across.

Every such set is a „survival kit“ of something and it will be up to you to be as creative as possible when using it.
What other survival kits can you have?

The so-called „EDC survival kit“ is also very interesting (and necessary!). EDC here means „every-day-carry“, ie things that you always have in your pockets. It should, of course, be as minimalistic as possible (flashlight, pocket knife, lighter, KPZ / last rescue box and firearm / pepper spray + anything that may or may not be appropriate for the day). Even existing sets must be constantly modified and adapted, otherwise they will shrink and will no longer reflect the current situation.

Most people who are serious about their survival still have a „72-hour survival kit“ in their car. There is also some food and a first aid kit under the back seat of the car.

People also have a modified survival kit in their snowmobile, off-road car,…

Some choose a similar set for short trips to nature (hunters and photographers). And when someone works in a business, they should also take into account that they will have their own „GHB“ / „Get home bag“. It is then advisable to keep out of the eyes of the crowds here (still locked in the table, etc.).
What unique items may you only need?

Today, it will most likely be something related to your health and therefore some insulin pills, if you are diabetic, it may also be some antibiotics that you are taking.

Some things will undoubtedly be unique to you precisely because you are the only one with certain specific knowledge, experience, equipment, training, skills and possibilities, food preferences, geographical location, season, annual trip,…

In other words, to be summed up and underlined: the chances of having a 100% larger larger set of survival with someone else is downright comical. The fewer items, however, the greater the chances of the other side. If you carry in the kidney (being a minimalist) only something to start a fire, a knife and KPZ, then this is a choice that many logical people would make.

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