Emergenci Survival Bag 2021

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Brand: Michael Deec Original    

Weight: 225g
Pack size: 15cm x10cm x4cm
Size unpacked: 220cm x 100cm

Material: laminated thermal








Emergenci Survival Bag

Shelters against wind and rain – retains body heat in the cold – useful in the pewvwntion or treatment of hypothermia.

for maxim heat retention cover the head, hold or tape around the neck and pull up the legs to redice air space.


avold the danger of suffocation. Do not enter head first. Keep clear of the face.
Children should use only with close adult.

This thermal survival bag is made from a heavy duty (double thickness) metallised polyester laminate which works by reflecting and retaining over 90% of your radiated body heat. In extreme outdoor environments this emergency bag offers the ultimate in protection against the elements by preventing body heat loss. This thermal survival bag it totally waterproof; simply open the bag, step into it, cover the head (leaving an opening for fresh air) and use as a temporary shelter to keep you both dry and warm.

The  emergenci survival bag is packed airtight in a sealed polythene bag measuring just 15cm x 10cm x 4cm but opens up to a very generous 220cm x 100cm making this bag large enough to accommodate you even in your bulky outerwear. Constructed of a heavy duty metallised polyester laminate this product is tougher than a conventional emergency blankets and because it is a sealed bag, which you step in to, it is more effective at heat retention and keeping you dry. The bag is is constructed from a thermal weld of two sheets of this laminated thermal material making it more robust than some similar products on the market.

The thermal survival bag can also be used, bivi style, as a waterproof outer cover for your sleeping bag or if your clothes are wet, you can use the bag as a sleeping bag liner to keep your sleeping bag dry.

This light weight survival bag should be an essential component of your survival kit for outdoor activities.


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0,20 Kg

Pack size:

15cm x10cm x4cm

Size unpacked:

220cm x 100cm


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